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..... published his ; in 1895 the International Institute of Bibliography was established at Brussels. There are national bibliographies, such as the and the subject bibliographies, such as Sabin's and lists of the works of individual authors. Bibliographies of rare and old books include is a monthly bibliography of books in the English language that cumulates annually. is useful for British publications, and the by C. L. Gohdes, for American works. The which is cumulative, and are useful compilations. The term is also used to describe books as physical objects and their production history, and has been expanded to include nonprint media such as microfilm.

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So, with this rather lengthy note what I offer is an update that adds a fair number of books from the periods 2004 to 2006 and 2012 to 2013 without any ambition to cover these years in a "complete" way. No work has been done on the section Forthcoming books which makes it look rather odd as most of the books listed there have either been published, postponed indefinitely or withdrawn altogether. No work at all had been done at at all to the section Media related books altough I am acutely aware that literature in this area has proliferated immensely both concerning scholarly and popular books. No work either has been done concerning the separate document Additions and Changes to A Chronological Bibliography of Books About Tolkien, which means that this does not list the 150 or so books that have been added to this bibliography since the latest edition of it was published in 2003.


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