Rewarding the very best college application essays

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Rewarding the very best college application essays

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I admit I am no exception. I started reading every “Best College Application Essays” and “1 million winning Ivy League Applications Essays” type of book I could get my hands on. I started reading about students who would compose their essays on ancient parchment paper in a spiral and creative students who described their existence in terms of Aristotle. I read about students rescuing children in third world countries and athletes who won the national championships for their teams. The more I read the more determined I was to be one of those students, to be admitted to an Ivy League school and have my essay enshrined forever as a masterpiece that other students could look upon for guidance.

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The Best College Application Essay I Have Ever Read!

The best college application essays will have a captivating first sentence that compels the reader to move forward with greater enthusiasm. Some of the more creative ones we’ve found are:

Best College Application Essays

The best college application essays are almost always highly personal

Another good place to look for samples is at your school. Many times, English teachers, counselors, and librarians will keep samples of the best college application essays that previous students have written. In some schools, there are written classes designed for seniors just to help them write their college application essays. Your teachers might not let you take the actual essay out of the room, but you might be able to sit with it in the classroom and draft an outline to help you write your own.

The best college application essays always have their own unique manner and style of writing

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