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As biography in a traditional sense is a biography of the self; autobibliography is a history of the self as a collector and of a collection that includes one’s own written work. As one might imagine writing a biography of a writer through his unpublished material and publications, so one might imagine writing mine as a collector of literary materials other than my own as well as my own.

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Autobibliography is “writing” about the self in the act of documenting the experience of oneself and that of others too. This concept challenges traditional archival notions of appraising value in archival material. Now that I have learned this concept and seen it applied in practice in the Wolf Papers, I’m interested in seeing how, or if, “autobibliography” can be seen taking place in other collections of personal papers.

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Not surprisingly for someone so devoted to the work of autobiography and introspection, Howard himself has a keen awareness of this kind of secondary meaning inherent in his collection. He has even coined a term, “Autobibliography,” to describe it.

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Preamble is complete for our conference paper, now its turn for main body. Before starting main body let’s introduce you a new text editor “TeXmaker”. In previous post I gave the download link of TeXmaker. Just download it and install it in your computer. It is also a open source software and much advanced and user friendly than default text editor of MikeTeX. I used before default TeXworks. But from today I will run “TeXmaker”. TeXmaker includes a PDFviewer too as like as TeXworks moreover with number of advanced options e.g. auto command selecting dropdown menu, auto bibliography command menu, text formatting command menu, quick build button to see your updates during working in LaTeX, number of functions for maths etc. If you run TeXmaker then following interface will be shown:

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