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ATTRIBUTION THEORY OF FRITZ HEIDERIntroductionThis article starts off by a man having his wifeserve on a jury in a federal case involvingconspiracy, racketeering, drug dealing, armedrobbery, and extortion. There were sevendefendants and one that escaped from policecustody. The key government witness was an ex-gangmember named Larry who was called "the Canary" bythe defendants because he turned informer. For twomonths Jean, the wife, listened to Larry'stestimony and tried to figure out whether hisaccount of the incident was credible or not. Aquestion in her mind was that whether his behavioron the stand was that of pathological liar, arejected pal seeking revenge, a petty crook whowould say anything to save his own skin, or andhonest witness dedicated to the truth? All thisfalls into Fritz Heider's attribution theorysaying that we all tend to rationalize in the sameway. Fritz said that the theory of attribution isthe process of drawing inferences.

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All this falls into Fritz Heider’s saying that we all tend to rationalize in the same way. Fritz said that the theory of attribution is the process of drawing inferences. This would be seeing a person act and immediately reaching a conclusion that goes beyond mere sensory information. Example: Larry yawns while on the stand. Your immediate conclusive reaction would be “is he bored, afraid, tired, or indifferent”. In the article it says that Heider would see us as naïve psychologist bringing common sense to bear on an interpersonal judgment. It also says that we can’t help it to make these . This is because we make personality judgments in order to explain otherwise confusing behavior.

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