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Article Writing Masterclass gives you our combined 35+ years of experience writing award-winning articles for scores of publications and businesses — in a compact sequence of instruction and homework exercises that impart all our best article-writing insights.

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To build skills and confidence for article writers, we developed the Article Writing Masterclass.

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Work from an outline when preparing the manuscript. Computer outlining programs allow the transfer of outlines directly into word processing. The first draft of the article can be constructed directly from the outline created without duplicating work. An article written from an outline is more likely to follow a specific logic and convey intended meanings to readers. A good way to start the outline is to write the headings of the sections of the report (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion), then come back to the “Introduction” section and, following the plan described here, outline the first sentence, first paragraph, review of literature, statement of purpose, and so on until the outline is complete. Prior to outlining the “Results” section, it is often useful to construct the tables to be included in the report. This may help you to describe the results of the study and draw conclusions.

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For the first two years, Topic Writers are paid per article. Afterwards, if the Topic Site grows, writers are also paid based on "per page views." There is no "cap" on the amount of money that a writer can earn. Being a Guide Writer means you can expect monthly payments from the content that you create, as well as receiving "performance" payments. Guide Writers can expect a guaranteed per-article rate depending on the maximum number of articles they write as required by their contract. Topic Writers are expected to produce between 6-10 articles per month, while Guide Writers need to produce at least eight articles per month, in addition to their weekly newsletters and moderating and encouraging discussions in their forums.

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If you complete and turn in all the assignments on the forum before the end of the class, you’ll get a free 20-minute laser coaching phone session with Carol or Linda to discuss your article or answer your burning questions about article writing. SEO article writing is an art and you need dedicated professional writers to take up the task. There can be a talented writer hidden inside anyone, but not everyone can incorporate special keywords into an article without compromising the originality and flow of it. This is where we come in with our team of expert writers and SEO specialists who work diligently to ensure that you get perfect articles, suiting your preferences and needs. We offer a number of packages to go with your specific needs. ContentProz offers a great variety of packages catering the whole spectrum of user needs and requirements. You may choose the one you find most feasible or contact us in case of any queries.Due to the extensive feedback on article drafts and support we offer in the Article Writing Masterclass, we can only admit 100 students to this AWM session.Article writing is to write informative and quality contents over a subject to supply readers a valuable piece of information and enlighten them about the subject.
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For over fourteen years, writing coach and platform expert Christina Katz has been teaching writers of all levels how to write publication-quality short nonfiction articles. After taking Christina's writing classes, students go on to publish their first clips, increase their productivity, and remember why they fell in love with article writing in the first place.

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Article writers using content marketing often overlook content readability when composing their articles. Writing articles online for money must not only consider motivating readers to buy a product....