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For publishers, article marketing provides virtually unlimited free content with minimal effort. Publishers can use articles to produce newsletters or blogs that provide their customers with relevant, engaging content that boosts their search engine results. Improved search rankings can help publishers, regardless of what business they’re in, increase traffic to their website and generate new and repeat sales opportunities.

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Online article marketing can effectively improve organic search results in a number of ways:

Here are our goals for online article marketing for our clients:

Article marketing became an industry in its own right, millions of articles were submitted worldwide, article directories burgeoned everywhere, and numerous competing article distribution services sprung up and borrowed our model.

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Over the next year, I would really encourage to you treat your article marketing as an ongoing campaign that you do every month, something that is an integral part of your marketing plan for your business, and use the stats page we provide to help you take things up a few notches.

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If done correctly, Article Marketing can be one of the most powerful tools for marketing your site online. The practice has been adopted and tested by tens of thousands of Web Professionals, Internet Marketers, and Writers. There's no question it works. We just make it work... better.Thanks for putting together this free article submission tool. It has made link building way easier for me which has been something I have struggled with over the last couple of years. Article marketing is where it's at!The great thing about doing article marketing with these directories is that they allow you to place a link inside the article you submit and so you can naturally build thousands of backlinks using the list we have put together for you.Costs of article marketing can be low. Whereas in advertisements you will need to purchase clicks, in article marketing you just need articles. If you have a passion for blogging and writing and you are a good writer, than you can write the articles yourself. If not, you can still purchase blog articles from professional writers that are knowledgeable at your niche and can produce great articles that you can then use for article marketing.Article marketing is a form of internet marketing in which businesses hire writers to write articles about their business to promote themselves, or to write articles in their niche and publish, often including a link to themselves. For example, if XXX web hosting company was to use article marketing to promote themselves, they might hire a writer to write a positive review or an introduction for their business, and post it on the company , or around the web. That way, prospective customers will see this article, and it can be used to either build brand recognition or to promote and cross-sale a company’s products. In a way, article marketing is like blogging but promoting a service or company.Internet marketing methods such as advertising, although more expensive, will consistently bring you results, though it might vary how high the conversion rate is. With article marketing, if your article/blog goes viral, you can get hundreds and thousands of sales. If your articles and blogs have just a few hundred visitors daily, you can still expect some good conversions. However, if it doesn’t work out – you don’t get good rankings on Google, you only receive the occasional viewer, then the money and time might have just gone to waste.
Some examples of businesses that use article marketing include:

It might help if I first explain what news article marketing is.

The first of our article marketing tips is to provide relevant, useful articles on your website. This is the first step of establishing yourself as a great, dependable seller or service provider. One of the most important things before building awareness to your site with the help of other tools is to make your website attractive and informative, and the texts published on your site are the best way to achieve this.

White space is extremely critical too for article market segmentation.

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I have used many article marketing software, none come close to this. I have created many articles using this piece of software. There's a huge synonym database, so no shortage of spinning the words.

This software is incredibly fast if you have an average internet connection. Many features are included inside this like scheduling, automatic creation of account and one click submitting to article directories.

This has really helped me generate more articles and has been a huge time saver for me. Now I can produce and submit many more articles than earlier, getting me more traffic.

A definitely recommended product.

This post examines a revised approach to article marketing that I’d strongly recommend.

Enter the Article Marketing Robot

Article marketing is basically writing articles that revolve around the niche of your site and submitting them to various article directories on the internet. It is one of the most effective methods of promoting your website and gaining traffic to your site. Aside from being able to promote your website and gaining traffic, you would also be able to get back links from the article which is very beneficial for SEO purposes. Most search engines have high regard for article directories and are considered authority sites. They are often visited by search engine spiders and some of them have high PageRank. Articles published in article directories are often indexed soon after being published. Though some article directories have high page rank, some are no follow.