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So if you choose a topic which does not lend itself to making a sound argument, then no matter how well you write the topic it may very well not be interesting. So there is the first clue. The second clue is that you want to avoid the obvious. It's not so much a bad thing to choose an argumentative research paper topic which has been written about many times before, although it does help if you can find something that's unusual, but rather that you find a different angle. By tackling the topic from a new direction you help to make it interesting.

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Use these 12 argumentative paper topics as jumping off points for your essay:

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Are you having a difficult time coming up with ideas for your argumentative research paper topic? Remember, an argumentative research paper must debate a topic by picking a side. It should present a strong argument and thesis in favor of the author’s position. It should also inspire the reader to consider that position because of the evidence and details that are present by the author. For this reason it is important to do good research and find great examples that support your thesis when writing this style of essay.

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One of the very interesting argumentative paper topics of environmental concerns and you can think of several good arguments to talk about. Government has lots of options to regulate oil spills in ocean waters.

The following list of ten outstanding ideas contains good examples of argumentative research paper topics.
It is important that the topic can focus on a single issue. If it is a specific topic rather than something general then you have chosen well. The more specific your argumentative research paper topic the better.Picking great college argumentative research paper topics is pretty easy. The challenge comes when you have to pick just one idea to write about. You may find yourself debating between which topics to choose. Remember an essay of this nature needs fair treatment of opinions on both sides. You should choose something you can be fair about and understand from a reader perspective. Here are some points to help you choose good topics for argumentative research paper.
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If you choose an argumentative research paper topic which the vast majority of people support or believe in, you have not chosen well. You need to look for a topic which causes division amongst people. If you get any group of people together from a random selection process and ask them about your proposed argumentative rescue paper topic, it will be really good for you if about half of the people support your idea while the others do not support it.

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When you are writing an argumentative research paper the topic is one of the most important components. It is in your best interest to find a topic that is of interest to you otherwise you will find it very challenging to motivate yourself.

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Here are some questions that may help you come up with an original argumentative research paper topic. Starting with a strong topic is a great way to make your way to a top grade.