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APA includes visual images representative of data gathered by the researcher. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then images are very instrumental in APA style writing to minimize extraneous word usage. “Tables displaying data supplants written data,” and the “way data is presented is dependent on the statistics gathered” (Rockett). See APPENDIX A for examples of tables defining the meaning of data used in a research project.


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Mueller also notes that “APA has no separate publication for students. The is it; students are welcome visitors, but they are not the main audience” (7). However, the APA manual is receptive to academia and invites constructive criticism that would allow those new to the field to find transition easier. The fact that the American Psychological Association use feedback for implementing changes that improve understanding means that the APA is eager to minimize struggle and confusion in mastering the style. With the veil of confusion lifted concerning using APA documentation, let us consider the implications of studying the APA style of writing.

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With so many changes made to APA style over the years and so many differences between APA and other styles, how does a student find confidence in writing with this format? If efficiency is the goal of APA, then why is it so difficult for students, at times, to master it? Since APA style is a highly organized format, the problem may lie in the organization skills of the student. Therefore, what can a student do to prepare for an APA documentation style writing project?

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Citations in APA style writing typically occur in the introduction and discussion sections, as authors attempt to place their work in the ongoing stream of empirical.

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