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Educators have long noted that school attendance and even academic success are no guarantee that a student will graduate an effective thinker in all situations. There is an odd tendency for rigorous thinking to cling to particular examples or types of problems. Thus, a student may have learned to estimate the answer to a math problem before beginning calculations as a way of checking the accuracy of his answer, but in the chemistry lab, the same student calculates the components of a compound without noticing that his estimates sum to more than 100%. And a student who has learned to thoughtfully discuss the causes of the American Revolution from both the British and American perspectives doesn't even think to question how the Germans viewed World War II. Why are students able to think critically in one situation, but not in another? The brief answer is: Thought processes are intertwined with what is being thought about. Let's explore this in depth by looking at a particular kind of critical thinking that has been studied extensively: problem solving.

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. Students choose an operation (addition, subtraction, or multiplication), estimate the answer to a math problem presented on a baseball scoreboard, and then click "hit". The closer the estimate, the farther the baseball player hits the ball. Note that using a comma in one's answer results in a strike.

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Violence has always gotten a bad rap. That's because people just don'tunderstand it. First of all, regardless of what people tell you, violence solvesproblems. Actually, violence, taken to certain extents, can solve any problem. Issomeone annoying you with their idiotic opinion? Beat the hell out of 'em. Don't knowthe answer to a math problem? Pistol whip your teacher until he gives it to you. Havingtrouble understanding tax forms? Firebomb the I.R.S. headquarters. War and famine existon earth? Nothing that can't be solved by nukes, nukes, and more nukes. See, how cansomeone be against something with so many practical uses?

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There are times when we do not need to know the exact answer to a math problem. Sometimes an approximate answer will be all we need. People make mistakes in math and become of this they need a way to check their answers quickly. There are times when we will want to check our math to see if the answer we have arrived at is a sensible answer. Estimating is most useful in catching mistakes that are "way off" rather than mistakes that are close. It is important to know when an answer is reasonable, and so it is important to use estimation.

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