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Without citing the actual statistics to prove your claim though, the essay won't be effective. You should, whenever possible, cite the name and date of each study as well as use the exact numbers or results to back up your supporting arguments. This type of evidence or proof is different than general information about the history or scope which doesn't support your thesis argument. While general background information and historical or case references do enrich your work, it's the statistics and evidence used to back up your thesis statement that are likely to earn you strong marks on an advertising essay.

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Model IELTS advertising essay with extensive notes on essay structure and finding ideas for essays.

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Some of the methods used in advertising are unethical and unacceptable in today’s society.

To what extent do you agree with this view?

Nowadays in worldwide nations, every moment, we are displayed advertisements on TV shows, magazines or huge LED boards situated on intersections. In what methods they are produced or how much producers care about ethical trend to making them? I believe they intent to have more watcher to earn more money regardless to its consequences.

In first point of view, some families my does not need something that is displaying on tv, but as home wife see the advertisement will feel that is a good idea to have it and decide to buy it immediately. In another case, there is families who have young offspring who mentally is not wise enough to perceive everything in family situation. Therefore, they will have high demand while they are watching a new toy advertisement. Begging his parent to purchase it and crying all time. As a result his poor father will be finally obliged to buy the toy.

In second point, they may use psychological weaknesses; for example, by displaying a young lady with fitness body who is using some stuff on show to attract people for the good. It may apparently not so bad, but if we go deep in down will understand that how it may have an effect of youth brain and corrupt it.

Or by using a charming sentences on cigarette box "the ideal of a manhood" as a person see this advertisement on the box, will feel himself on his dreams and will buy it.

In conclusion, the advertisement makers, regardless to the bad effects the advertise may cause on people, will made them due to make their customers satisfying. But it may have bad consequences on society which due to avoiding this trend i suggest authorities make some plans for the circumstance to check and control advertisements before showing up.

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A great tip to remember, if writing an advertising essay becomes difficult, is to always look back at your thesis statement in the opening paragraph to keep you on track in supporting and proving it. Persuasion is important in both advertising itself and on essays on the topic. Without being focused on convincing the reader of your thesis, your grade on the essay is likely to be mediocre.

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There is a TV commercial in which there is a mother with her child who has got a cut on his knees, so his mother sprays a pain- Z- gone aid spray. The ad claim that Pain-Z-gone is the best and in the next frame the boy smiles which indicates that the pain is all gone. Even if you haven’t tried the product you have got it that this is the best product. Therefore, the analysis of your advertising essays you will explain the readers that the company has drawn conclusion about the pain-z-gone spray. Some of the customers will directly go and buy that product because the ad says that the product is best.

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In a contemporary world of fierce business competition and rapid technological development it is vital to acknowledge the importance of advertisement essay as the type of . Concise and eye-catching advertisement can bring millions of customers to buy certain product or service, which in return can lead to billions dollars in revenue. Advertisement essay incorporates the whole structure of advertising campaign and provides a clear overview of the goals directed towards existing and potential customers.

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“This (a native advertising essay in a cruise ship magazine) is extremely bad. Here is the argument for why it is bad. Whether it honors them well or not, an essay’s fundamental obligations are supposed to be to the reader. The reader, on however unconscious a level, understands this, and thus tends to approach an essay with a relatively high level of openness and credulity. But a commercial is a very different animal. Advertisements have certain formal, legal obligations to truthfulness, but these are broad enough to allow for a great deal of rhetorical maneuvering in the fulfillment of an advertisements primary obligation, which is to serve the financial interests of its sponsor. Whatever attempts an advertisement makes to interest and appeal to its readers are not, finally, for the reader’s benefit. And the reader of an ad knows all this, too – that an ad’s appeal is by its very nature calculated – and this is part of why our state of receptivity is different, more guarded, when we get ready to read an ad.