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Abstracts of projects not ranked in the top nine may still be asked to provide an electronic display of the audit and template for meeting attendees to view. These will not be judged as part of the contest.

Abstracts of Projects (only for TAP/RAP category)

research session has traditionally accepted abstracts of projects that have not been completed

Abstracts of Projects, NJRSF-2016

If you are a Reclamation employee, the research reports can be found on the WateReuse SharePoint site ().

Abstracts of projects that use Reclamation funding are provided below:

Abstracts of Projects sponsored by the Teaching ..

Two investigators reviewed the abstracts of projects identified from the database searches to assess relevance to the technical review. Discrepancies in inclusion were resolved by discussion and re-review and by discussion with project officers at funding agencies or with the principal investigator of the project under consideration.

Summary — Since late in 2004, brief abstracts of projects licensed under the Animals (Scientific
Scholarly activities in environmental sciences and engineering are diverse at the University of Connecticut, as might be expected from a research university that is both a land-grant and sea-grant institution. Indeed, affiliated faculty members have academic homes in over 20 different Departments and a number of Programs, Institutes, or Centers have missions that relate to the environment as well. In depth descriptions of the mission and activities of administrative units at UConn with an environmental focus provide insight to the varied opportunities to advance research and education that relates to understanding and protecting the environment for a sustainable future (see ).

Hereafter, we highlight selected research projects by CESE faculty and graduate students by presenting brief abstracts of projects and writing them in a non-technical way to facilitate interdisciplinary communication (see ).

Because the publication record of the 80 Affiliated Faculty in CESE is quite large, we only highlight the last five years of publications by those faculty members (i.e., five Center Faculty Members) whose appointments are directly administered by the Center (see ).

Numerous seminars in environmental sciences and engineering are held each semester at UConn. Some are directly supported by CESE and others are supported by various programs, departments, and colleges across the university. To facilitate announcement of these activities to the community at large, we provide a portal to research seminars from units at UConn with a significant environmental focus (see ).Besides this, only the abstracts of the projects are displayed (though Techpedia possesses the projects in their entirety), said Hiranmay Mahanta, a final year engineering student at Sardar Vallabhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, who scouts out the projects for the database and convinces professors and students alike to contribute. The companies would have to talk to the students and professors before they can take up the project.
than descriptive abstracts of projects that are being planned or are just beginning

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Cosmos Version 4.0 and Magnachrista were held on September 14 and 15, 2012. The two-day mega event encompassed both science exhibition and cultural extravaganza. Cosmos version 4.0 embraced two themes for the year 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All and National Year of Mathematics. The former theme was designated by the United Nations General Assembly recognizing the importance of energy for sustainable development and the latter theme was selected to commemorate 125th birth anniversary of a mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan. This exhibition aimed to inspire and enable young minds to understand the crisis of energy conservation in the current global scenario as it served as a platform to showcase many innovations, as many as 175 in all, encompassing all the streams. Below are a few links that enumerates the abstracts of projects worked on by the students.

Below are a few links that enumerates the abstracts of projects worked on by the students.

Final Year Project Abstracts | 1000 Projects

The Digital Library provides access to the following information resources, Past examination papers, Abstracts of projects, thesis and dissertation, Research papers. View the following link for information on

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The invites you to submit abstracts to the 12th annual . The theme of this year’s colloquium is , and follows up on last year’s theme of Striving for Unity and Increasing Diversity.

The colloquium provides a wonderful opportunity to share your work with UCSF colleagues. Members of the UCSF Department of Family & Community Medicine, including affiliated faculty and community partners, as well as interested UCSF medical students, are invited to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation as a poster or talk. Submissions by other academic or community-based health professionals for projects conducted with members of the UCSF Department of Family & Community Medicine are also welcome.

Abstracts will be judged on their degree of innovation/originality, importance, and ability to impact knowledge in its subject area. Generally, abstracts reporting projects that are completed or nearly completed will be reviewed more favorably than descriptive abstracts of projects that are being planned or are just beginning. For more information on the Colloquium, please .