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An essay is a paper that you have come across many times in your study life. Whether you are in high school or campus, the essay paper forms a significant part of your academic life. It is the document that expresses ideas and concepts in composition format. It also has supporting evidence to help the readers understand the topic in an in-depth manner. With a persuasive essay, its main agenda is to assist you to convince your readers that they should agree with your viewpoint. The essay should also provide the readers with courses of action they can take on the subject. The “hook” in the essay is vital to attracting the reader and enticing them to read your paper.
How to make a good hook for an essay relies heavily on the exciting ideas that you have for . You can also seek a third opinion about the document from someone else. With their help, you can get the hook that you will start your introductory paragraph. When you require ideas that will teach you how to write a good hook for a persuasive essay, you can get them from editorials. These include newspapers, journals, and national publications. They will show you how some writers begin their essays.

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Factors to Consider When Writing Catchy Hooks
Good persuasive hooks revolve around quotations, proper citations, and consequences related to the topic. The statements should be shocking enough to leave an impact on the readers’ minds. While determining “What is a good hook for an essay?” you should consider the following: -
• Your target audience- Is the audience your peers, people in the society, particular groups and individuals e.t.c. The hooks should be designed to suit the audience that you target.
• The hook should convince your readers about your perspective. The arguments can either be of the following types:
- Factual appeal - The information used should be accurate. The research done on the topics should be detailed.
- Emotional Appeal - This is best attained by use of questions and fictional scenarios. As a writer, you should recognize emotions you want to evoke in your readers as they read your document. Good hooks to start an essay of this kind rely on whether you want your readers to be happy, sympathetic, and compassionate e.t.c.

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The Aspects of a Good Hook
You might ask “What is a good hook for an essay?” There are various factors make-up the “hook.” They include the following:
a) Real life situations - You can base your essay on real life day-to-day happenings in the world. It could be about homeless people, drug trafficking, crime and others. You can start your essays by carrying out some interviews with persons affected by the same circumstances.
b) Surprising Facts and Figures- You might base your essays on growing number of maternal deaths, or the number of people choosing to be single parents. Your information should get based on current research studies. It should also come from accurate sources such as scholar journals, magazines and books.
c) Personal Experiences- Good hooks to start an essay can also come from personal experiences in your life. The experiences could be about the summer jobs you used to take as a teenager, and what their purpose was for you. Did you learn about self-discipline? Did your career choice start from there?
d) Quotations from famous literary - Many authors, public figures, mentor, etc. love to use references in their speeches and books. You don’t have to ask how to make a good hook for an essay when you can engross the readers with famous quotations. The users tend to become open to your perspective when your hook is attractive.
Other forms of literal forms of writing that you can use to write your essay hooks include rhetorical questions, attention-grabbing statements and many more. How to write a good hook for a persuasive essay relies on the viewpoint of a third person.

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How To Write A Good Hook For An Essay September 06, 2014 - Posted to Custom essays. An essay is a paper that you have come across many times in your study life.

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Our writers offer you free writing guidelines about getting a good hook for an essay. Check our article to know more about how to get a hook for academic paper.

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