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This book was published in December 2012 after almost two years of research, transcription, writing and editing. The project was prompted by an exchange of e-mails with Callum James, a publisher, collector and bookseller, with whom I share a number of mutual interests. He asked if I would undertake the task of transcribing and editing a series of late 19th century essays on nude photography - to which I readily agreed. Most of the essays were transcribed from the original volumes, some of which I owned already, others of which I needed to acquire. The transcriptions were carried out with meticulous care, but even so I had to continually check for typographical errors and we had a host of decisions to make regarding consistency in spelling and punctuation. I had to scan the images and also write a lengthy introduction, placing the essays in their context and elucidating some of the points that can be read between the lines. Both Callum and I believe that these essays formed part of a larger conversation about aesthetics, sexuality and representation in art at the turn of the last century, and that their republication could help stimulate debate as well as providing students and scholars with access to hard-to-find material.

19th Century Essay Examples | Kibin

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The falls themselves are actually two consecutive falls totaling a 260 foot drop. They are one of the nation’s oldest tourist attractions. Mentioned in numerous early 19th Century essays and books, they have long been noted as a place where the traveler might glimpse a true wilderness—this at a time when the American West was largely unexplored. They functioned as a local view into a primeval world even in a much more sparsely populated East; and today they remain largely unspoiled.

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When she does get a break, Manard enjoys cooking New Orleans style and reading. She recently finished a book of 19th century essays on Creole cooking, which she heard about on the HBO drama “Treme.” Another recent read includes a book on the Panama Canal.

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